Monday, April 2, 2007

week 9

23.i'm glad that i finish the program i learned many was a good experience. i really enjoyed flickr i think that is something that i will probably continue not sure about the others though. one thing that i dislike was to set up accounts on all these websites even though for the most part i did not. i'm glad that now i have the knowledge to make blog for the future & be able to help out others if needed

22.well i explored the website & there is just so many books that you could download for free. i think being able to read a book online is great that way you don't have carry the book & you could read from anywhere that has internet access

21. podcast is cool there are so many things that you could podcast about i explored all 3 websites & i like yahoo podcast the best

20. i like the fact that people from everywhere can share their videos over the internet & how you can forward your friends videos as well . link on bottom of the great canyon

week 8

19. i went to the libray thing website & did some searches but i can't remember the last time that i read a book plus i don't like to sign up for all these accounts that i know i will not use

18. i went to the zoho website & it seems like this website is very useful but i don't think i will use this anytime soon so i didn't sign up for an account

Thursday, March 29, 2007

week 6 - 7

week 7
17. added my blog to the favorite blogs page is a good way to get facts quick but i don't like how the information is inserted by different people

week 6
15. library 2.0 means that libraries are changing in so many ways which is good for all us. it's good to be able to help & provide customers with so many things now

14.went to the technoratin website it nice to have things that matter in one page

13. I listened to the tutorial & explored the site
i like how can categorize things using your own ways & how there are comments that direct you to links instead of going to different sites

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

week 5

12.created the rollyo account. i like how you can search any site you visit from the same spot on your browser this will come in handy

11. i explored some sites & i liked travbuddy i like cause other people put their comments on the countries that they visited

10. i searched the online generator & found glass giant it's a cool website i posted a picture of my niece

Thursday, March 22, 2007

week 4

9. i added some feeds. i found most of the search sites easy to use but i think feedster was the easiest

8. i set up my bloglines account & subscribed to a few feeds there is so much info to be found,. Weather reports,local news & so on i think this will be very useful

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

week 3

7.i like the idea of being able to download music it is so much more convenient
it's better than going to the store to purchase a cd & only to like one song

6.I don't like putting pics of myself , so I didn't make one. i went to the site & explored a little bit it's cool how u can customize a trading card & a magazine cover but actually it's not for me i wouldn't use it

5. i think flick is a cool way to save & view pictures

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

week 1- 2

week # 2
4.registered blog hope to finish this on time

week #1
2. the 7 1/2 habits:
for me the easiest is to play & the hardest is to teach

1. i read the blog i think i will get this & hopefully be able to finish this program even though i probably won't use it very much